Never Say Never

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Ok I know they say " Never judge a book by its cover." I also know that many people do it anyway.

1- So I'd love to know do you? If you've read a book's synopsis or heard great things about it, but yet hate it's cover are you going to let that turn you off enough to not give it a chance?
There have been some covers that I really don't like at all, but for me personally if I feel drawn to what it's about then I have no problem giving it a chance.

2- What are some of your favorite things about a books cover? What basically do you feel should always be included (besides the title and author of course) as well as should always try and be avoided? Feel free to share some of your all time favorite covers here in the comments.

Here are some examples of covers that the cover alone dragged me in (not counting my own of course).


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